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For companies in the built environment industry, professional photography is a vital investment. Oftentimes, your website and the images of your projects are the only way for the public or potential clients will be able to view your work. Photographs that capture the beauty and functionality of your designs are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating effective marketing materials.

Marketing can be an expensive venture but allocating a budget for professional photography ensures your marketing dollars are getting you the return on investment you need while your website is getting the traffic it deserves. Professional photography isn’t a luxury anymore--it’s an absolute necessity in today's visual society and will help make a lasting impression on your audience and potential clients. You need images that can stand the test of time and will look great in your portfolio for years to come.
-  Q U A L I T Y   A T T R A C T S   Q U A L I T Y  -  If your organization adheres to the highest standards, whether in the goods you sell or services you provide, your company's imagery should also be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, when an image does not effectively communicate its brand in a professional way, potential customers may assume this is reflective of the company itself.  A professional and cohesive portfolio evokes credibility and a progressive style which should be an essential part of your core branding strategy. Your customers need to be confident they are making the right choice with you and your online presence can make or break their decision. 

Have a friend with a nice camera? It's tempting to ask friends or family with limited experience for help with images for your business to save some cash, but photographing a space or structure is harder than it looks and your work is too valuable to risk it being shown in a bad light. Understanding how to capture the essence of a space takes specialized expertise and equipment to do the job right. Our level of quality and attention to detail will attract the type of clients you deserve. 

-  L E S S   I S   M O R E   -  Remember, 3 fantastic images far outweigh 25 snapshots any day.  No one has time to sit there and click through a million images of the same project so in addition to creating high-quality images, we will help you streamline your shot list in order to best tell the story in the most efficient way possible. Also, if you need help with many projects, we offer website image consultation to ensure your portfolio is concise, consistent, and makes your work shine! 

C R E A T I V E   P R O C E S S


// 01 //

  • Discuss project details, location, timeline and overall image needs
  • Discuss photo usage requirements and media distribution plan
  • Review rates
  • Send detailed proposal for client review

// 02 //

  • Determine directional orientation of the structure
  • Select views/angles and determine specific shot list based on sun positioning/time of day
  • Schedule shoot date
  • Scout site (virtually and/or in-person)
  • Mark planned shots on floorplan
  • Client approves and pays 50% deposit

// 03 //

  • Arrive on site, assess weather & sun quality

  • If necessary, rearrange furniture, de-clutter, and style the space

  • Set up & shoot (each full production view takes approximately 30-45 minutes to capture)

  • Review images on iPad

  • Break down and clean up


// 04 //

  • Edit selected views in post-production
  • Send client private proofing gallery for review
  • Discuss images and determine if any additional edits are required
  • Make final edits

// 5 //

  • Client receives final invoice

  • Client pays remaining balance

  • Final images sent via Dropbox



Katie combines traditional field techniques with modern digital capture and post processing techniques to create photographs that not only document the space, but that also tell a story and depicts it in an artistic manner. Each shot is styled and lighted in a manner that is appropriate to the space and compliments your design to show texture, volume, richness and thoughtfulness. Katie uses both natural and artificial light where appropriate to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail.

All of Katie’s architectural and interior photo shoots include a digital workstation that shows the photos as they are made in real time. This feature allows for collaboration between the photographer and client, and also ensures that images are created exactly as the client has intended. Together, we will discuss the best features of the project and will work together to create your story and showcase the space to its fullest potential.  

 See the digital workstation in action ----->



Twilight images are just that...images captured at twilight, meaning just after the sun sets when the sky has that beautiful cobalt blue color. These images are truly special in that they bring out the drama of any building. They are also a great tool to use in a presentation when you are trying to show how the structure's appearance can change from day to night. 

Additional details:
+ Captured immediately after dusk
+ Usually only one image can be captured per sunset/sunrise
+ Images can be ordered separately as an "A-La-Cart" item or as an add-on to any daily rate package at a reduced cost


P O S T - P R O D U C T I O N

EDITING - All images will include basic color correction and perspective editing. For all composited images, detailed post-processing techniques will be used to blend multiple exposures and lighting highlights into one beautiful image.

One free round of editing is included with every shoot*.  Additional edits can include: the removal of "code" items (i.e. sprinkler heads, exit signs, floor cores); clean up wall blemishes; removal of minor debris, reflections, loose wires, etc. Please make specific requests prior to or during the shoot so we can try and solve the problem on-site if possible. (If a request is made to remove an item that could have easily been moved during the shoot, extra editing fees may incur based on complexity.)

For more complicated edits, additional fees will apply due to the time commitment needed to complete them. Examples include (but aren't limited to): removal of major elements (like signage, people, furniture, cars, etc.), rebuilding or replacing any structural elements, removing excessive power lines or other exterior distractions, changing colors or textures, cleaning up excessive wall or ceiling damage, etc. Visit the Before & After page to view some examples of extensive editing. 

DIGITAL PROCESSING - After initial editing, the photographs are then digitally processed and uploaded to a private client proofing gallery. Clients are encouraged to give feedback or identify any retouching requests before final delivery.

FINAL IMAGE DELIVERY – Upon receiving the final payment, all clients will receive web-ready and high-resolution finished photographs as digital files sent via Dropbox where they can be downloaded. Final images will be in JPEG format. TIFF files are available upon request, but we will never send RAW files. Katie Bricker Photography will always retain full ownership and copyright privileges of all images, but clients will receive a usage license and adhere to the terms and conditions of the photo agreement.

* Additional retouches requested after the first round will be billed at an hourly rate. 

B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S


See what it takes to produce a fully lighted, dramatic twilight photograph and interior image. These images are captured through multiple exposures and blended together meticulously in post-production. Katie customizes each project to her client's needs and the end result is simply more than "just a picture of a building."


The Making of an Interior Image

The Making of Interior Image - III


The Making of a Twilight Image

The Making of an Interior Image II






● Creative photographic image capture with a combination of ambient & supplemental light

● Mixture of daytime interior & exterior images

● Optional handheld detail photographs ‑ tight, editorial style 

● Post‑production: Detailed composite image editing and image repair editing
Removal of all code items {i.e. exit signs, sprinkler heads, fire alarms, etc.} and blemishes {i.e. wall scuffs, floor debris, reflections, loose cables, power lines, etc.}

● Digital processing and delivery

● Standard Usage License — (Includes: print collateral, online promotional use (website + social media), editorial, and award submission. No 3rd party rights. No advertising – online or print.)

*Pricing for full production shoots are based on a full or half-day rate*
Full Day - 8 hours - 12 images (+/-)
Half Day - 4 hours - 6 images (+/-)
Twilight Image - 2 hrs - 1 image


● Exterior Images Only
● Twilight Image Only

Combo Packages
● 2 Daytime Exteriors Only + 1 Twilight Image
● Classic Package + 1 Twilight Image
● Full Day Rate Shoot + 1 Twilight Image

*Multi‑Project Discounts Available // Multi‑Party Discounts Available  // Weekend shoots are a 25% up-charge // Travel Expenses outside of Metro Atlanta are not included



A L L    S H O O T S    I N C L U D E :




  • Shot Planning & Virtual Scouting


  • Equipment + lighting

  • Styling of existing furnishings (props not provided)

  • Furniture re-arrangement and decluttering (if necessary)

  • Creative image capture

  • Break down/clean up


  • Basic editing

  • Digital processing and transfer time


  • Includes a 20 mile radius of Metro Atlanta (from 30306 zip code)

  • Additional miles will be billed the standard mileage rate