U S A G E   L I C E N S E   D E T A I L S

We believe in sharing images. For clients, this means that you’re free to use our images for what you need them for, short of selling them for profit or publishing them for mass distribution. For the wider community, this means that you are free to blog with our images, use them in local or small trade magazines and newspapers, download them as screen savers and for non-commercial purposes. We do this by providing all of our images (unless otherwise noted) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, with several relaxations to allow for specific commercial use.

What can you do with our images?

You can use our images in the following ways:

  • Download our images for personal use
  • Use our images for personal screen savers
  • Blog about our images and include them in your post
  • Use our images for print media including local magazines and newspapers with less than 50K copies in circulation (written permission from KBP required)
  • Use our images for books (written permission from KBP required)
  • Clients may also use our images that have been commissioned (and paid for) for awards programs, websites, and other promotional material
  • Did we miss something? Send us an email for additional requests

Conditions of use:

We want you to use and share our images, but please make sure you:

We ask that you do not:

  • Share the images with a 3rd party company/vendor (If a 3rd party is interested in using them for their site or other marketing collateral, they MUST contact us to purchase separate usage rights)
    • What does this mean? Plain and simple, if the images are to appear on another company's website to promote their business, they must pay for usage rights. 
    • Companies may share in the cost of the shoot up-front (highly encouraged due to its cost-saving benefits) or may purchase usage rights after the shoot is completed.
  • Make products for sale, except for those items listed above (Books and Magazines)
  • Display our images in a gallery, or print them for public display without prior approval. 
  • Use our images for advertising purposes, i.e. a product manufacturer's website. (Manufactures will need to purchase usage rights separately)
  • Use our images on any magazine covers or inside a nationally distributed publication.