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F O R    T H E    B U I L T    E N V I R O N M E N T

K A T I E   ( B R I C K E R )  T E S S A R O
Atlanta Native | 12 Years of Experience
B.A. Mass Communication Studies & Photography  //  Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame

Katie started her career in the contract furniture industry directly working with commercial architects and designers on high-end projects. Although business development was her main focus at the time, Katie’s photography background also allowed her to photograph finished projects for her company and clients where she fell in love with the process of architectural and interiors photography.

After fine-tuning her skills and realizing that this was her passion, Katie decided to turn it into her full-time career. Shortly after, she went on to apprentice with acclaimed architectural photographer, Rion Rizzo (Creative Sources Photography), and worked with him on countless projects as his assistant and then as a contributing photographer and business partner. Eventually she took a leap and went out on her own and now runs Katie Bricker Photography serving as the principal photographer. 

Her understanding of the A&D industry and awareness of the countless hours – sometimes years - it takes to design, build and eventually furnish a space has been a huge advantage when working with clients. She thrives to help architects, interior designers, and developers showcase their beautiful spaces and highlight the intentions behind every design detail in order to accurately portray the intended use of the space.

When Katie has completed a project, she hopes that people will view her photographs as they would a canvas—with imagination and energy, and that they will walk away feeling inspired.

Katie lives in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta with her husband, Jordan, and black lab, Dublin